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When it comes to TV series, Watchseries offers you the best service to watch series online in HD for free of cost.

As a valued member, you get to watch series online with an ad-free library of award-winning movies, documentaries, and series on your laptops, TV, PC, mobile phone, and Tablets.

Watchseries Guide

Watchseries offers a separate hub of series, TV shows, and movies for the kids and adults. The content uploaded on this hub is ensured to be appropriated for kids under age 12 and for adults above age 18. The kids can also enjoy the same perks of unlimited downloading with subtitles.

The documentaries uploaded at the Watchseries kids are informative with phenomenal editing and music. The members do not need to buy this separately. If they purchase basic, standard, or premium plan, the family members and kids both can enjoy their favorite shows together.

Watch Series Online

Not just movies, you can also now watch series online for free with our streaming service. All the popular titles like, Game of Thrones, Big bang theory, and Netflix originals like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, etc. are available to watch for free at our website. Just use the above search box to search your favorite title and start watching your favorite movies.

Membership Of Watchseries

Watch series offers you three membership plans as per the need of the person. The membership plan decides the number of people who can access the account and stream the content of Watch series. Moreover, it also determines the definition of your screen like it is SD, HD, or UHD.

  • Basic Plan

    This plan gives only one access to the device and members can view in the standard definition (SD).

  • Standard Plan

    The standard plan allows two devices at the same time and can be viewed in high definition (HD) quality when available.

  • Premium Plan

    This plan gives access to four devices at the same time to watch series online and to enjoy the unlimited number of TV shows, and movies in HD and ultra-high definition (UHD).

Payment Methods

The payment is charged once in a month on the date when you first signed up. Watch series offers you a variety of payment methods according to your ease. The following are the different payment methods which are provided by Watchseries to submit the monthly fee.

  • Credit & Debit Cards

    Watch series accepts MasterCard, Visa card, and American Express. The member has to enable the international transaction before getting the membership.

  • Prepaid Cards

    We accepts prepaid cards with the logo of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

  • Third-party Billing

    Few mobile and landline companies also allow the members to pay the bill directly to us.

Advantages of Watchseries

  • Instant Connection

    Watchseries allows the easiest way to get started. The member has to enter an email address, password, and payment methods and that’s it. You can watch unlimited movies and shows and the good news is, the 1st month of subscription with watch series is entirely free.

  • Content Is 100% Original

    The content offered are 100% original that is why the streaming service offers the members to enjoy the 1st month free of cost so that they would calculate and compare the money with the quality they provide to their members.

  • Easy to Use

    It is simple to use. If the member wants to watch on PC or laptop, he needs to log in from the website. On the other side, if someone wants to watch on tablet or phone, he can download the app from android, windows, iOS store.

  • Unlimited Downloading to Watch Offline

    We allow our members to download unlimited movies and episodes of the favorite shows to watch series online as well as offline. However, the options are limited like not every show or movie permits to download the video.

  • English Subtitles for Foreign Series

    We have a vast selection of famous German, Korean, and French series and movies. The members can enjoy these foreign series/movies with English subtitles.

  • 100% Ad-free Content

    Commercials during the show are always annoying and irritating. So we offers an ad-free service to watch series online so that our members can enjoy their favorite series and movies without any commercial.

  • Affordable Price

    Watchseries is super affordable if we compare it with other online streams like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Fubo TV, Sling TV, and HBO. It allows the viewer to watch the unlimited series and movies with free unlimited downloading in the high definition quality at very affordable prices.

Drawbacks of Watchseries

  • Content Library Is Outdated

    The 1st drawback is that, it does not update its library quickly. The content uploaded in the library is quite outdated and newer series and blockbuster movies do not get updated frequently. Watch series comparatively updates their library and viewers can watch the new on-air series quite easily.

  • Content Depends on Region

    The shows available here are dependent on the region of the members. If the member is Pakistani, he would not be given much access to the shows or movies, on the other side, if the member is from the US, he will be able to access a far greater library which would not be available in other regions.

  • New Episodes/Seasons Are Delayed

    If you watch series other than "Watchseries Originals", which is going to continue next season, you need to wait a lot. It takes time to upload the series/movies from another production house. It is one of the drawbacks that the viewers have to wait a lot for the new season of their favorite show which is sometimes really annoying.

  • Internet Speed Matters

    To watch series online, the member needs to ensure the internet speed as it works for 3.0 megabits per second for Standard Definition (SD) quality. High definition (HD) quality requires 5.0 megabits per second and ultra-high definition (UHD) quality needs 25 megabits per second. So, therefore, it is essential to check the internet speed before getting the membership.

  • Children Can Switch from Watchseries Kids to the Main Section

    Another drawback is that the kids can easily switch the account from kids to the adult section. There is no privacy for it. The certificate-based parental controls can stop them to watch that content yet, they still will be able to watch the title and cover of the movie or series. The parental controls take up to eight to nine hours so, the other member may find difficulty to switch the hub.

To Sum Up

The advantages of getting membership outweigh the drawbacks. To sum-up, we can say that Watchseries undoubtedly stands as the best and famous service provider with the original content. Therefore, is the go-to option with such a big selection of series and movies to watch